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Student Publications

This class/organization focuses on the fundamentals of journalistic principles with an emphasis on creating digital media. Students will explore the foundations of journalism, news writing and editing, and current events.  Students will learn how to write news articles, create digital content, effectively use social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), develop marketing strategies, and more throughout the year. This is a dynamic class, and parts of the curriculum will evolve alongside current events and technological trends. Students must be strong writers and be willing to occasionally work extra hours outside of class time. Students will be required to work collaboratively to create the annual yearbook.


Grade Prerequisite:  Grades 10-12, must pass English 9 S1 & S2 with a "B" or higher. Grade 9 students by teacher recommendation only. 

Class/Course Prerequisites: 3.0 Overall GPA Minimum. Must submit an application by May 1st of the year prior to enrollment and interview with current Student Publications Editors.

Participation Requirements

Must be cooperative and have a positive attitude, take constructive criticism from student editors, and be able to work well in a constantly changing environment. Must also sign a waiver to drive/ride-along off campus to sell advertisements.

Activities Sponsored

Yearbook Sales, Fundraising/Advertisement Campaigns, Various Marketing Events

Become a Member

Email a completed application to by May 1st. If chosen from the applicants, you will receive an invitation to interview with editors of the current Student Publications Staff.


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