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Mayor's Youth Council

In every community, the youth provide the foundational core that will grow to lead the future generation. To emphasize this point, Bellmont High School and the City of Decatur partnered to create a student board, called the Mayor’s Youth Council. This has the primary purpose of serving the mayor and engaging students in the community. 


Grade Prerequisite:  Open to all students in Grades 9 – 12.

Application Process: Students must turn in an application to be considered for the group.  The process includes a complete application, student and parent commitment agreement, and a letter to the selection committee.


Participation Requirements

Students are expected to be in attendance and contribute to the Council meetings. Additionally, students must meet a local meeting attendance requirement, which includes attending Decatur City Council meetings and other committee meetings such as the Park Board.

Become a Member

Attend the MYC callout meeting in September, complete the application process, and then meetings with accepted applicants will begin in October.



Reach out to the Bellmont High School’s Counselor’s office or email to with any questions or comments.