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Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is an excellent opportunity for students to practice the language and learn about Hispanic culture in a social environment. The club meets once a month and is open to all Bellmont High School Spanish students past or present or native (heritage) Spanish speakers. Members participate in the celebration of traditions through crafts, food, music, movies, travel, and more. Volunteers from the Spanish Club are also available to tutor Spanish students who may be having difficulty in class. This is a great way for students with a passion for language to strengthen their skills while meeting other students with similar interests.  Students who are taking a level 4/ AP may qualify for the Spanish National Honor Society and compete nationally for travel and academic scholarships and recognitions. 


Must have taken a Spanish class or heritage Spanish-speaker, pay $20 dues, participate at each meeting. Club officers will be elected each year and will help plan club activities.  Preference will be given to upper classmen who have previous Spanish Club experience.

Participation Requirements

Students must pay $20 dues to off set expenses, students who are participating in their first year will receive a Spanish Club t-shirt, second year a patch, 3rd year a pin, 4th year award pin.

Activities Sponsored


Septiembre: Elect officers, dues: $20 t-shirt, patches, pins, go over activities and calendar, Chips & Salsa for Mexico’s Independence Day 


Octubre: Hispanic Heritage Month- Famous Hispanics (music artists, actor, sports, art, fashion, politics), arroz con pollo, sangria punch


Noviembre: The Day of the Dead (November 1st - 2nd) altar for loved ones who have passed/ papel picado, paper flowers crafts, paint sugar skull pumpkins/ ballons, fiambre salad (Guatemala), colada morada (Ecuador) Day of the dead bread (Mexico)


Diciembre: Christmas traditions/ Spanish Christmas carols/ Secret Santa/ bring a gift <$10/   hot chocolate bar & Panneton.


Enero: Día de Reyes / (traditions about King's Day) coquito or horchata and Kings bread,  candy 


Febrero: Día del amor y la Amistad (Celebrating day of friendship and love, Feb. 14) Los novios volcanos of Mexico legend, fondue party, make Spanish Valentines


Marzo: Carnaval/ Lent traditions- pancakes – Fat Tuesday/ before lent.


Abril: Semana Santa, alfombras de Guatemala and other Easter traditions, Piña Colada smoothies and conchas


Mayo: Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Best salsa competition & Salsa dance party.


Become a Member

Come to the first meeting and pay dues.


Linda Huber

Derek Trobeck